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Egg was founded in 2005 on a set of principles that still animates our work: that it’s not enough for restaurants to serve delicious food in a welcoming environment. We believe that restaurants must also be a force for social good.


  1. We want to be a great place to work. We believe that working with food is some of the most important work in the world, and we want our employees to feel like they’re being treated as people who do important work.

  2. We want to make transformative experiences for customers. At a minimum, we want every person who leaves Egg to feel better than they did when they came in—satisfied, energized, inspired, resilient.

  3. We want to improve the soil we farm in and support other farmers and purveyors who work to improve the soil and the health of the planet we depend on for everything

  4. We want to make good, sustainably-raised and carefully produced food available to more and more people.


We try to live out these principles by serving simple, delicious breakfast and lunch, making food that’s rooted in the culinary traditions of Virginia and the Lowcountry but alive to the influence of the northeast, where we live, and the Hudson Valley, where we farm.

「egg」は2005 年にニューヨーク州ブルックリンで誕生いたしました。




私たちはFarm-to-Table のパイオニアとして、ほとんどの食材を地元の農園から仕入れており、生産者の皆様に支えられてここまできました。




1. 働く場所として、楽しみながら、自己向上すること

2. お客様の日常をよりよいものにすること

3. 社会的役割をはたすこと

4. 素材にこだわったよいものを提供すること


George Weld ジョージ・ウェルド    

オーナー ジョージ・ウェルド

EGG tokyo










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